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Kemetic Magick


Seth is the God of chaos and battle. Seth was considered evil for a deity and was compared by the Greeks as being their demon-God, Typhon. However, that was the past. Today it is acceptable to talk and deal with Seth magickally. It is a good idea to get on Seth’s good side even if you don’t plan on asking him for anything. Your battles are his battles and your problems his when you become a friend of Seth’s. Seth is extremely easy to please. All he wants is attention and adoration. Giving any small token of esteem to Seth will make him love you. The only warnings are to never offer meat (including fish) to him or any other deity. It’s a bad idea. Also, NEVER EVER FORGET TO TALK TO HIM! Seth will be highly upset if you hit him with a sudden lack of attention. If you are too sick or the like to do it though, he’ll make an exception. Seth is seen and felt, and can sometimes make one dizzy. Not that he’s trying to, but he is so off the walls that you can get dizzy trying to follow him. It’s best to sit when talking to him, and complimenting him will make him an even better listener than usual. You don’t really need to ask anything of Seth. If you get hurt by someone and you tell Seth about it, he’ll do something about it before you had the chance to ask, or object. Seth acts on his own accord, but by being a good follower to him, he will take excellent care of you. Seth appears as a man with the head of an aardvark. Seth is the husband of Nepthys, brother of Isis and Osiris, and Uncle to Horus.

Invocation of Seth

"Great god Seth, whose always there,

My spirit with you I now share.

The circle's cast to do your will,

Whether it be good or ill."

Egyptian And Kemetic Amulets

The Ankh is the supreme symbol of life. The Ankh is closely associated with the Goddess Isis, the Great Mother. It's origins are unknown, however theory states that it may be symbolic of the union of man and woman, or simply a derivative of an African fetish doll carried to promote fertility. Often it is misunderstood as a symbol of devil worship as is the pentagram.

The Eye of Horus has been associated with magnetism, since iron was sacred to Horus. To possess the Eye of Horus was to attract positive energy, and keep away evil. It is also associated with initiation. Looking at the duality of Horus, the "child" is the initiate, young and naive. They are "blind" to danger. As the child matures, so does their spirituality. To truly possess the Eye of Horus, one must balance creation and destruction, matter and spirit, life and death.

The Scarab is a symbol of luck and protection. The "dung beetle" was considered sacred to the Egyptians. It was thought that this beetle's actions were a metaphor for the rolling of the sun across the sky. The dung beetle deposits its eggs in a ball of mud or dung and rolls it along the ground. Scarabs were placed over the heart of a mummy to protect its soul in the afterlife.

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